Abstract Submission

The Third Congress will therefore provide the scientific community, designers and artists with an opportunity to showcase and debate how these developments trace out the future of ambiances and especially how they will be conceived, experienced, felt and practiced. Proposals are expected to include partial responses and arguments relating to the general theme of the Ambiances, tomorrow via six themes outlined in this call for papers.
Particular interest will be given to proposals that provide for possible cross-over and hybridation between various different fields and expertise:
  • Research that straddles several disciplinary fields.
  • Research that combines research practices and design activities.
  • Research that incorporates diverse sensorial possibilities.
  • Research that draws from both art and science.
Authors are invited to submit proposals (in French, English or Greek) of between 3,000 and 3,500 characters (including spaces) dealing with one or more of the six themes proposed
  1. Ambiantal experiences and experiment
  2. Traces, notations and representations of ambiances
  3. Projecting and manufacturing the ambiances of tomorrow
  4. Ambiance, atmosphere, climate: theory, politics and criticism
  5. Ambiances and territories in transformation
  6. Ambiance as heritage of the future  
Proposals must be submitted here before the 4th of January 2016
Proposals received will be vetted by the Scientific Committee (blind Review). Authors whose proposals are validated by the Committee will then be invited to submit a six-page article (based on the model provided – approximately 2,500 words) to be presented at a session to be organised during the Congress. Poster can be also submitted and will be published with a 2 pages paper in the proceedings of the congress.


1 Nov. 2015                  Deadline for receiving proposals (abstract)

1 Dec. 2015                Deadline for receiving proposals (abstract)

4 Jan 2016                 Deadline for receiving proposals (abstract)

20 Fev 2016                 End of review phase

25-26 FeV. 2016           Feedback to authors

3 May 2016                  Deadline for receiving articles (6 pages)

21-24 Sept. 2016         Congress