1. Ambiantal experiences and experiments

This theme focuses primarily on ambiances in terms of experiences and experiments. Such notions are key to research into ambiances because they pose a dual question about how to gauge ambiances and how to effect them. Experiencing ambiance is as much about being able to act as being able to manipulate or manufacture it.

How is such comparative experimentation shared by the scientific community and by artistic initiatives suitable for encouraging thought and action and for highlighting unexpected singularities that could renew our relationship with the world and with doing – both in design processes and in the constant updating of a situation?

Framing the question of ambiances in terms of experimentation opens new possibilities by focusing on multiple technical, social or aesthetic standards currently in force. Starting with an exploration and production of spaces and uses, the focus is on clarifying arrangements, processes and experimentation support media. This session seeks contributions that are underpinned in some way or other by research highlighting different forms of experience, either through a specific type of production (space, arrangement, materiel object, work, site, medium, etc.) that makes it possible to deliberately alter a habitat, or through practical experiments that combine physical, sensorial and social dimensions.