2. Traces, notations and representations of ambiances

If we take the three terms "traces", "notations" and "representations" either separately or together as processes, how can we gauge ambiances – or have them gauged – in terms of their tangible, intangible and mutable qualities within a perspective in which territories, spaces and the environment are experiencing huge changes (urbanism, climate, etc.)? What traces do experiences of ambiances leave and what traces can we leave of such experiences? What experiences of notations and representation(s) can research draw upon within the perspective of a "future of ambiances"?

At the present time, when there is an overlap between research and design in the pre-project phase, there is a genuine window of opportunity for the future of ambiances. In the light of traces, ratings and other representations, would any expression of ambiances not be an operative moment that forges a link with design and with this posture whose tricky task it is to design spaces and use these to produce experiences. What is actually representable in an ambiance? How and by means of which media may we produce an expression of ambiances?