3. Projecting and manufacturing the ambiances of tomorrow

The world around us is in a constant state of adaptation.  People, places and sensorial information interact as part of an unlimited dialogue. The new ways of envisaging the materiality and virtuality of our still-gestating world will undoubtedly make it possible to produce unprecedented architectural and urban experiences in terms of both tailored solutions and more comprehensive offerings. What part will mobiquity (mobility + ubiquity) and augmented reality play in these restructured interactions of the subject with its sensorial environment? What adaptations may we expect for the sensorial citizen vis-à-vis his or her social environment? Is the future of the world all-phygital (physical + digital)?

How are these changes transforming design processes and project methodologies? How do they contribute to renewing the very framework of architectural production? How do designers appropriate the hybridation of digital and physical universes in their projects and how do these new digital applications renew the conception of ambiances in tomorrow's world?