Concert and Performances

Piecemeal II
Verbal score performance 
led by Panagiotis A. Kanellopoulos & the Monday's Drop(s), University of Thessaly
Optional Pre-performance Workshop, Amphtheater - Dpt of Architecture, Wednesday, during the lunch break, 14:30 - 15:00. All welcome!
Performance, Amphitheater of the Dpt of Planning and Regional Development, Wednesday 20h30 ! 

Sound Works
Thursay, 22 Sept 2016, 20:30 -  Open theatre, dept. of Architecture
Curator: Dafni Tragaki
Organized by LECAD
Sound Engineer: Nikos Vamvakas (LECAD, Univ. of Thessaly)

track list

  1. Jose Louis Carles
  2. Spiros Papadopoulos
  3. Αkoo_o
  4. Savvas Metaxas & Spyros Emmanouilidis
  5. Eventless Plot
  6. Yiannis Kotsonis
  7. TON
  8. Anastasios Kokkinidis
  9. Alex Retsis


Special thanks to Granny Records (Thessaloniki).