A minimum act of architecture. This lightweight, transformable screen forms the visual and acoustic background to the scenic acts of the congress in the open air amphitheater of the venue. Its structure is kinetic: a pliable grid that changes shape signifying the events that evolve during the three days. The grid is dressed in folded sheets. It receives projections and lighting providing a relaxing counterpoint to the intense scientific proceedings of the interior.

The design logic of the installation is based on the didactics of Folding Architecture studio by Sophia Vyzoviti. The design and construction team of students includes Alexandra Giannakoula, Spiros Kapogiannopoulos, Maria Karayianni, Evangelia Kiosse, Krystallia Klonara, Dimitris Lazaridis, Ellie Petridi and Miltos Tsakiris. The production took place in the Digital Fabrication Laboratory and the Wood and Metal Shop of the Department of Architecture.


Transformable screen for the scenic acts of Ambiances 2016