Quartiers bourgeois, quartiers populaires. Les ambiances dans ces quartiers comme facteur de sociabilité ou de ségrégation sociospatiale. L’exemple du Souissi et de EL Youssoufia à Rabat-Maroc

Mouna M'hammedi

Keywords: quartier populaire, quartier bourgeois, ambiances, rues, bourgeoisie, villa, maison marocaine

In the popular neighbourhoods, passers and merchants who set up their stalls on the sidewalks animate streets. Everybody walks and rolls in all directions (car, bicycle, scooters, carts…). Children cry and play on sidewalks, coloured garments hang in the windows. A popular urban atmosphere is noticeable, despite the fact that the construction of houses is often incomplete. The upper-class neighbourhood streets are often devolved to traffic, and rarely welcome trade or walkers. Their streets are not made for pedestrians and it is virtually impossible to see homeowners outside their homes. A phlegmatic ambience prevails and heightens constantly the luxurious environment of these neighbourhoods.