Briefing Urban Atmospheric Workshops. Stirring the Vagueness of the In-Between

Christos Kakalis, Stella Mygdali, Geert Vermeire

Keywords: briefing, atmospheric workshop, interruption, intimacy

The paper interprets the results of the Workshop Symposium ‘Silence, Narrative and Intimacy of the City’ (University of Edinburgh, February 2016) aiming to explore the specificities of the form of engagement activated by briefing urban atmospheric workshops on silence and intimacy. The thinking, writing, communicating and executing of the briefs of the actions involved is investigated here as a multi-layered process of grasping the vagueness of ambiantial experiences through a stirring effect. The latter focuses on the potentialities of the realms between the different workshops, the facilitators and the participants to elucidate the organic nature of such an event and its future possibilities.