Un journal d’ambiances lumineuses d’Asie. Potentiel de l’analyse rétrospective d’images dans la restitution d’expériences

Geneviève Poirier, Claude Demers, André Potvin, André Casault

Keywords: ambiances, lumière, journal, analyse numérique, images

The research looks into a diary of luminous ambiances to record and “revisit” spatial experiences using analytical and interpretive activities that can be performed after returning from a journey. This diary allows an initiation to synthetic thinking about light by developing a selection of specially devised restitution tools. The diary includes grids of evaluation to record lighting ambiances and moods, but also investigates graphical comparisons of ambiances by exploiting digitally analyzed images. This approach could potentially promote an experiential knowledge gained from the past to project it into the imagination and creation of new spaces of tomorrow.