The multimodal dining experience - A case study of space, sound and locality

Maija Kontukoski, Tuija Pitkäkoski

Keywords: multisensory experience, local culture, fine dining

This paper presents a case study of the three multimodal dining experiences provided by a local fine-dining restaurant during autumn 2015 in South Ostrobothnia in western Finland. All of the elements of these multisensory events were designed to underpin the desired local ambiance, especially as it pertains to soundscape, place, and food. The events took place in a linen textile mill, an old power plant, and an art gallery. Focus-group interviews were conducted to explore the overall experience, as well as participants’ perceptions and opinions. This paper highlights the multimodal aspect of ambiance. The results led us to think not only about the physical and sensory, but also the cultural and social dimensions of the ambiance.