Under the shadow of global cinematic metropoles: the case-study of Athens

Neoklis Mantas, Alex Deffner, Aris Sapounakis

Keywords: Global Cinematic Metropoles, Cinematic Ambience, Cinematic Elsewhereness, Athens

It can be argued that people can have experienced cinematically famous global metropolises without ever having visited them. The various cinematic works (films) might be considered as an oscillograph for capturing, experiencing and promoting the global mosaic of various urban ‘atmospheres’. World’s major capital cities have been starring in films and their representations can place them among the most famous urban destinations in the world. However, during this game of urban showing, many smaller capitals are remaining under the shadow of the global cinematic metropolises. How can smaller capital cities protect their distinctiveness? The Greek capital (Athens) is going to be analysed as a case-study.