Esquis’Sons ! Outils d’aide à la conception d’environnements sonores durables

Nicolas Remy, Grégoire Chelkoff, Théo Marchal, Jean-Luc Bardyn, Noha Gamal, Hengameh Amini

Keywords: sound qualities, balconies, architectural design, parametric

The present project explores in 6 sustainable neighbourhoods in Europe (Germany, Spain, France and Sweden) the sound qualities of intermediate spaces located on the facades of building like balconies, loggias, terraces and circulations. A cross analysis, synthesised in a catalogue, of the physical dimensions of the built space, of the sound environment and of the user’s perceptions allows to describe the minimum conditions of existence of these remarkable sound situations. A parametric tool in order to sketch the sound qualities of future projects has been built by linking a 3D spatial model and a real time 3D virtual sound environment composition in which users can hear the impact of architectural choices made during the design process.