Emotional Cities: imaginary future of ambiances explored in the Mobiance workshop

Myriam Servières, Barbara E.A. Piga, Daniel Siret, Nicolas Minvielle

Keywords: mobile devices, ambiances, urban design, emotions

Mobiance, a mix between Mobile and Ambiance, is a research and creation process on the impacts of the uses of mobile tools on urban design. The second Mobiance workshop, held in Nantes, France, at the beginning of October 2015, focused on captors/actuators interacting in/with cities. Captors/sensors stand for connected devices, private and public ones, mobiles and fix ones, visible and invisible ones, interacting in the public space. This paper first presents the context of the workshop and the proposals produced by the participants; then it develops an analysis of these proposals and compares them to the outcomes of the first Mobiance workshop held in 2013.