Voice’s ambiances: expression, emotion and meaning. A radio production

Cristina Palmese, José-Luis Carles

Keywords: walk, body, voice, movement, time, space, view, soundart, radioart

The growing interest on the subjective and sensorial aspects all over the fields of knowledge and the development of the technologies that have changed completely our interpersonal and environmental relationships, the rise of new tools for analysis, recording, conservation and manipulation of data and, last but not least, the democratic setting and global availability of knowledge through Internet, impose another approach to the conception and experience of architecture. Here we present the first results of a work in progress specifically addressed to link various lines of research related to the study of human voice (its resonances, its context…) applied particularly to ‘in situ’ experiences in urban spaces. Our purpose is to analyse the meaning and expressiveness of voice as a way of understanding and apprehending the urban ambiance.