Along the water: Investigating the ambience potentials of Al-Maryouttia Canal as a Linear Park

Noha G. Saïd, Doaa K. Hassan

Keywords: : linear parks, ambiance, bluescapes, Al-Maryouttia

This research focuses on linear parks and its definition in terms of ambience, as a specific morphological typology engendering connectivity on spatial, social, ambient and ecological scales. This paper aims to investigate the ambience potentials of Al-Maryouttia Canal, in Cairo, imperiled by the urban sprawl in order to transform its banks into a linear park. Linear park concept targets to upgrade the threatened waterways located in the Cairene metropolitan context as a mean to renature the irrigation canals that shape the urban fabric in the city northern parts. The methodology depends on a photography exhibition and a roundtable session as main methods upon which different themes describing the ambience potentials were interpreted.