De la gestothèque au Port Nord. Études pour ambiances patrimoniales industrielles à venir

Anne Dubos, Olivier Jeudy

Keywords: gesture, industrial heritage, mixed reality, environment

What is a gesture? How to record it? And how to conserve it as the living matter? While some results found by artists (dancers, actors and performers) promote a better understanding of the development of technical movement and its transmission (Dietrich, 2009, Coubard, 2011, Jego, 2013), never have been made ​​archives of body movement in three dimensions yet. At the crossroads of disciplinary skills (anthropology, environmental & digital arts, biomechanics, cognitive sciences, architecture, urban planning and landscape), the purpose of our article is to formulate new emerging environment theories for a future heritage. To do so, we propose a case study for a Virtual Reality device of the former industrial site of Chalon-sur-Saône.