Soundscape, Urban Cultural Landscape and Sustainability: an Architectural Knowledge Systems Approach

Amit J. Wahurwagh, Alpaga R. Dongre

Keywords: soundscape, cultural landscape, sustainability

The paper is an outcome of the study on Burhanpur urban cultural landscape, Madhya Pradesh, India, where the significance of soundscape is discussed which articulates intangible traits such as the sense of place, folklore, creating a sense of identity and belonging. The Burhanpur landscape units, its historic gardens, settlement planning and layout disposition, shows the connection with the soundscape that could describe the quality of human relationships with the urban landscape and a significant contributor for sustainability. The paper posits architectural knowledge systems approach for soundscape and concludes with an argument for the need of partnership beyond compartmentalised disciplines of the professional domain in a more inclusive and holistic manner in the conservation of Burhanpur urban cultural landscape.