Expérimentation sensible, ambiances et modes d’habiter. Habiter dans les récits des ateliers d’écriture de la Basse Vallée du Var

Jacques Lolive, Marien Guillé

Keywords: ways of dwelling, writing workshop, ambiance, Bachelard.

In a research about the implementation of the ‘Eco-valley’ development project in the Lower Var Valley (BVV), we could experiment a literary exercise, the writing workshop, we transform to collect the inhabitant speech as literary content and analyze the inhabitant experience in its language component. The data analysis has opened a path of research about ways of dwelling’s analysis from their redefinition as community group’s narratives. It allowed us to identify a ways of dwelling’s typology in the BVV. It is characterized by the importance of the dwelling’s fictional and sensitive component. This experiment also allowed us to identify two conceptions of the ambiances.