Conceptualisations of Atmosphere in Text and in Image in Architectural Journalism (1991 - 2013)

Beata Labuhn

Keywords: Atmospheres, Historiography, Conceptualization, Text, Image

This article considers the conceptualisation of architectural atmosphere through text and image in the context of architectural magazines (1991–2013). First, the article summarizes four conceptualisations of atmosphere as found in the texts, namely ‘atmosphere’ defined as: 1. Quantum of Architectural Effects, 2. Mysterium, 3. Pars-Pro-Toto of a Context, 4. (Philosophical) Phenomenon. The second part summarizes how atmosphere is conceptualised via illustrations, taking the form of: 1. Immersive and Theatrical Spaces, 2. Almost Monochromatic Mist, 3. Haptic Details. The article aims at stimulating future historiographic explorations along these lines.