Évaluation quantitative et qualitative du système anidolique sous un climat chaud et aride

Safa Daich, Mohamed Yacine Saadi, Nourddine Zemmouri, Eugenio Morello, Barbara E.A. Piga

Keywords: Anidolic integrated ceiling, hot and dry climate, visual comfort, ambiances, spherical image, test model

The system presented in this study, called Anidolic integrated ceiling (AIC) is one of the advanced Day lighting systems used to capture, channel and distribute day lighting to the interior space. The present paper gives a quantitative and qualitative evaluation of anidolic integrated ceiling. This device was designed with regard of luminous climate of the city of Biskra (Algeria), installed in the north façade and their luminous performance is assessed experimentally by using scale model, for a 12m deep room. The results of this experimental analysis have shown that the Anidolic Integrated Ceiling offers a great potential for increasing the illuminance level in deep-plan building under hot and dry regions (intermediate sky conditions). In addition, the spherical image shown that the integration of this system provides a good ambiances result by uniform luminance distribution throughout the room which produces a visual satisfaction compared to the reference model.