Croiser habitudes et expérimentations pour un diagnostic partagé du paysage sonore

Théa Manola, Nathalie Gourlot, Elise Geisler , Silvère Tribout , Piotr Gaudibert, Antoine Perez-Munoz

Keywords: urban soundscape, méthodologie for field analysis, interdisciplinarity

Based on the fact of a partial consideration, often quantitative, negative and curative, of sound issues in urban projects, this article presents the content and the present results of an interdisciplinary ongoing research. Based on a series of workshops (inspired by focus groups), this research trys to establish a shared analysis method of the urban soundscape, so that it is considered qualitative and positively (as a potentialiality) in urban projects. To do this, special attention is paid to tools and final formalisations mobilized by professional fields and disicplines.