Milieux architecturaux, corps, lumière. L’ « architecture floue », Galerie du Temps, Musée du Louvre-Lens : interrogations sur des démarches de conception immersive de l’architecture

Dominique Laburte

Keywords: Blurring architecture, Architecture as environment, Immersion

In the early 2000s Toyo Ito expressed the idea of "blurring"architecture. It is settled in Eastern culture and can be viewed through Western art in order to understand its finality. The idea of "blurring" architecture is close to that of an environment characterised by space continuities rather than by differentiation or decomposition. It makes undecided architectural form perception. We shall look at the concrete conditions of "blurring" atmosphere realisation. We shall lean on the experimental work of the LaboLumière of the school of architecture of Strasbourg, concerning the Louvre-Lens museum of Sanaa. Finally, we shall wonder about the modes of design adapted to "blurring"architecture.