Ambiances, Nature et Prospective

Houda Bendib

Keywords: transition, prospective, nature, trame verte-bleue, parc, promenade plantée

The link between urbanised areas and natural areas is subject to constant reflection on account of demographic and the fast evolution of climate and spatial factors. Indeed, the fight against horizontal urbanisation of natural areas, inconsistent with the growth of the population, against greenhouse gases and for the preservation of biodiversity and integration of nature in the city, appears as a necessity and its concrete application must now be thought and experienced through projects of different scales and typologies. Among these experiments, we observe the application and development of green and blue frames, of varied sizes and typologies in urban areas. Thus, the current impact of such green and blue frames on our lifestyles, combined with the analysis of positive and negative effects of the past that led to these contemporary devices, can allow our designers to completely integrate nature in the city in the near future.