Coincidental and Bottom‐up Method for Soundwalking

Ari Koivumäki

Keywords: ambiences, soundscape, soundwalk

. The city of Tampere has decided to develop their oldest suburban area to avoid expectable problems with poverty, inequality and migration. Plenty of activities are ongoing to find sustainable and efficient solutions for social challenges. The writer has worked with a project group planning a pervasive game app to get people to know more of their environment and to create together their common history by gamification. The key concepts are ‘bottom-up’ and coincidental. A gamer will create the route and it will vary each time. How does this help the community? The aim is that the ambience of Tesoma changes from one end: the strange areas become familiar, because there is a big difference between just walking crisscross and sticking to routines and following the same paths once again. A comparison will be made with similar applications.