The Sonic Ambiance as a Transforms Operator of our Cities and our Architecture. The case of autistic children and elderly

Faten Hussein, Sana Layeb, Raja Ghozi, Meriem Jaidane

Keywords: Autism, Presbycusis, Ambiantal situations, EDA, Stress levels

Autistic children and presbycusis elderly are examples of ‘specific’ space users which altered perception of sonic ambiances in particular affects their relationship to the urban and architectural space. Our research is on crossroads of several disciplines. It focuses on analysis of stress levels for those particular populations in some daily situations in urban and architectural spaces, using Electro-Dermal Activity (EDA) tracking that evaluates the arousal via skin conductance measurements. The understanding of discrete situations of anxiety should be useful to find a balance between standard and quality in space design, taking sonic ambiances into account.