Représenter l’ambiance sonore de la ville. Retours sur un atelier pratique

Laure Brayer, Sylvie Laroche

Keywords: representations, sonic ambiance, sensitive diagnosis, in situ

How can we visually represent the sonic dimension of a territory? And what can these representations teach us about a specific urban place and its ambiances? These are the two main questions that we wanted to address during a workshop that took place in the framework of the 3rd Cresson Winter School. This week combining teaching and in situ experimentations was dedicated to the question of the representations of sonic urban environment. The workshop – which took place in a district located in the heart of Grenoble –, invited the participants to produce representations in order to share their acoustic perception. Their works led indeed to the description of the complexity of urban experience and allowed to draw the first steps of a sensitive diagnosis of the investigated place. In this paper, we will discuss the role of the production of representations by inhabitants in the frame of participatory urban planning.