Ambiance et marchabilité dans les nouveaux écoquartiers. Les Berges du Lac – quartier Ginko (Bordeaux) et Les Berges de Saône – quartier Confluence (Lyon)

Héloïse Pagnac-Baudry

Keywords: ambiance, walkability, sustainable urban design, water

This article deals with the link between walkability and atmospheres in the new certified sustainable neighbourhoods of Ginko (city of Bordeaux) and Confluence (city of Lyon) in France. Ginko was built along the artificial lake of Bordeaux and Confluence between the rivers of La Saône and Le Rhône. Through the conception with water, architects and urban designers realised different pedestrian paths along the artificial canals, the lake and the river in order to encourage the walkability. The water is playing the role of a real ‘tool of production’ of walking atmospheres and urban spaces structures.