« Traces ambiantales » de l’ancienne Hara de la médina de Tunis. Manifestation, persistance et devenir d’un ressenti

Hind Karoui, Fatma Ben Fraj

Keywords: ‘ambiantal marks’, memory, poverty, sensitivities

Our study is an attempt to contextualise a former reality, which has been forgotten, that of the Jewish quarter of the Medina of Tunis, and houses of wealthy citizens who were there. Going beyond a simple restoring of a ‘zeitgeist’, we questioned the ambiantal potential of the place, as well as the ‘inhabitants sensitivities’ (Morel-Brochet, 2012, p. 86), through three successive periods: 1. eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, 2. French Protectorate, 3. from independence until our days. In order to achieve this, we will have recourse to autobiographical stories of Tunisian-Jewish authors, direct observations supported by interviews with some current residents.