Le cosmopolitisme et la binarité à l’épreuve des ambiances : trouble, vulnérabilité, labilité, urbanité

Pedro José Garcia Sanchez

Keywords: cosmopolitism, trouble, binarism, perception, lability, urbanism

There are situations when the usefulness of urban atmospheres is tied to sensitive, social and/or political forms of learning induced by the pragmatic limitations of cosmopolitanism and cognitive binarism. By closely following ongoing action, researchers can make identity-related and interactional weaknesses appear. In urban spaces, a sociocognitive and attentional ecology is emerging through situations that are troubled, vulnerable, labile, serendipitous: in Montevideo, the deambulatories rehearsals of Candombé; in the slums of Caracas, the urbanism and sensitive adjustments created by the use of the telepheric as a public transportation; in the Stalingrad area – North of Paris, the troubles linked to the camps for refugees.