L’ambiance, politiques de l’incertain. Voyage à l’abri des fraîches enceintes du commun

Emmanuel Doutriaux

Keywords: politics, uncertain, common, simulation, ambiance, air

The uncertain appears on the political agenda. Rather it commits to a paralysis of action, it is ‘democratisation of democracy’, at a time where expertise and decision share. There is still a need to identify the arenas adapted to such return of the common. Yet among the places of knowledge is effected a profound change with new educational model known as learning. So goes of the emergence of covered places, vast and consistent so that their limits are undecided. Their affordance is the liberalities that they provide, by indeterminacy of programs, and the variability of their atmospheres. Climate simulations which they carry out are not less unstable, that are uncertain their policies. So it is, with two critical situations: a learning center in Lausanne and a school of architecture in Nantes.