Dialogue 1

Performative Modulation for public ambiances

Thursday  22.09.2016 - 19h30 > 20h30 / 20h15
Outdoor Amphitheatre


  • Philippe Liveneau is an architect (1996) and Phd of Engineering Sciences (2005), permanent teacher for the Ministry of Culture, based at the Grenoble National High School of Architecture (2005) where he teaches since 1998.  He is researcher at Cresson laboratory, UMR « architectural and urban atmosphere » and founder of "Digital RDL, research by design Laboratory" at Grenoble School of Architecture.
  • Spiros I. Papadimitriou, Lecturer in Architectural Design, School of Architecture, Faculty of Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, March Architectural Association, Architect A.U.Th. www.spirosiparchitecture.com
  • Caterina Tiazzoldi, PhD, MSAAD, Columbia University, B.Arch Politecnico di Torino, is an architect and educator. She focuses her research on the idea of performative modulation in public spaces. She teaches at Xi'an Jiaotong‐Liverpool University (XJTLU) and is director of the research lab of Non‐Linear Solutions Unit at Columbia University. Her work as an artist and architect has been published all over the world and has been recognized by UNESCO and the US and Italian governments.

Dialogue organization: Caterina Tiazzoldi

Performative Modulation in Public Space is a fragmented sequence of interventions, aiming to unfold the question of how contemporary procedures and digital design tools are also an invitation rethink the procedure for the making of an Ambiance.
The panel investigates how Perfomative based modulation methodologies re-examine the split between survey, project and production of architecture in Public space. The presentations will dwell on ways in which digital design procedures affect the design process at the scale of the human body and at the city scale addressing how research and experimentation for design interventions in public space reestablish and challenge traditional disciplinary boundaries.


Dialogue 2

The future of ambiances

Friday  23.09.2016 - 19h00 > 20h00 / 20h15
Outdoor Amphitheatre

The idea is this dialogue is to debate over 3 issues from different point of view and different fields of young ambiances researchers.

- How do you see the evolution and the future of the research on the ambiances through the prism of what you have seen, heard, discussed during this Congress. 

- How do you see the impact of the work on the ambiances over the making of the inhabited world.

- How do you see the evolution and the future of your own research on the ambiances

 Invited for the dialogue: Imen Attia, Laure Brayer, Angeliki Malakasioti, Ignacio Requena, Friedlind Riedel, Simon Runkel, Olsnildo Wan Dall, Izabela Wieczorek

Damien Masson, one of the co-directors of the Ambiances Network, will chair this debate. The idea is to have a dynamic exchange, in which ideas and points of view might be confronted freely, without the weight of a formal academic debate.