General Schedule

General Programme in PDF format.

The congress officially begins on Wednesday, September 21 at 10:00 am with the welcome from the organizers and closes on Saturday, September 24th in the afternoon. The final program of the presentations will be announced shortly, but now it’s possible to specify the following principles:

The entire congress is taken place on the site of Campus Pedio Areos of University of Thessaly and in the building of the Department of Architecture, except for the keynote presentations that are hosted in the neighbouring building of the Department of Planning and Regional Development.

It’s possible to start register for the Congress and collect the Congressman package at the said location between 17:00 and 20:00 the day before on Tuesday, Sept. 20th.

The general schedule takes into account the climatic conditions expected at this time of the year and therefore try to arrange activities in mornings and evenings to avoid the heat of midday.

The keynote presentations are a moment shared by all participants and given by either Greek, French or English speakers. They are translated simultaneously in two other official languages that are ​​not spoken by each speaker.

Participants can then choose between 6 parallel sessions (one for each theme) where they attend the presentations of 20 minutes each (15 minutes + 5 minutes questions) and 15-25 minutes of exchanges at the end of session. Each session chairman or chairwomen is assisted by a trilingual person who will be there to facilitate discussions after the presentations. The slides must be in English.

Upon nightfall, participants are welcomed into the outdoor amphitheatre of the Department for what we hope to be a singular moment around some emerging themes of the Congress. This moment takes the form of a dialogue prepared in advance between two or three guests (researcher, practitioner, artist ...).

Eventually, each evening will end with a relaxing social time around a buffet on Wednesday and Thursday, and a dinner on the beach of Volos on Friday.

In Thursday afternoon, participants are invited to participate in a collective production of a series of urban transects by taking videographic images. Each transect will become a part of a multimedia database. The result of this collective work will be shared on Friday night after the dialogue of the day.

Time for meetings, presentations or specific activities are offered in the afternoons by the Department and the Network on topics eventually requested by participants.

A large international library on Ambiance is open during the entire time of the Congress. All speakers are invited to contribute by depositing their copies for free consultation. The space is run by librarians during the day and secured during the evening and the night.

Finally, the Saturday is dedicated to the visit of the Volos region also known as "The Great Volos", which, during the boat trip with a few stops, allows for discovering the territory with its ambiances and debating collectively about its future,  as well as for dining and relaxing (extra cost of 20 Euros, cf. the website). 

The congress will end in the afternoon of the Saturday 24th of September afternoon.