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Athens Metro MAP

Information for all Athens metro stations


AIR Travel

Athens International Airport

Metro lines that connect Airport and city center


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Bus line X93. Airport to Liossion Bus Station

Other bus lines that connect Athens city center (Syntagma Square) to airport

Directions to help you with the KTEL bus that you need to take from Athens to Volos.

You should go to the KTEL - Liossion bus station in order to take the bus to Volos. The nearest Metro Station to the KTEL Liossion bus station is the "Kato Patissia" station. You could walk from there (10 minutes or so) or take a taxi to the KTEL Liossion.

Here is a link to google maps. Check at the upper right corner for Bus Liosia (KTEL Liossion) and Kato Patissia metro station. 



GPS : 38.011530, 23.728851

- la gare de bus où prendre le bus pour Volos KTEL LIOSON

GPS : 38.010129, 23.722442

- l’arrêt de la navette du X93 

GPS  : 38.010262, 23.721113

ici en photo satellite 




Airport EXPRESS Bus Connections

Athens Airport – All Public Transport Services MAP


Link to English booking system of KTEL for Volos destination – leaving from KTEL Liossion (Liossia)

KTEL Magnesias (from Athens to Volos destination or Volos to Athens destination)

Information & booking telephone numbers

(Make a booking with your name and destination. Also you should arrive and claim your ticket 30minutes before bus’s departure time, otherwise the tickets are cancelled)

KTEL bus Routes:  14505 (Toll free number for mobile and landline)

Volos Station: 800-11-35555 (Toll free for calls from Athens, Thessaloniki and Volos)

Telephone center for Information / Reservations:




fax: 0030-24210-25573


General  Travel Information – Athens

TRAIN Travel

Athens Railway Station

Online ticket booking and Passenger Transportation Services

Railway network MAP

Athens Central Railway Station (St.Larissis Station)

In order to get there you need to use the red metro line and stop at the St.Larissis Station

Please advise the train stuff because sometimes (depends on the type of ticket) the train will stop in the city Larissa and there you have to change trains in order to arrive in Volos. You don’t need a new ticket if you have already paid for Volos destination.


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AIR Travel

Thessaloniki Airport

Information and Transportation from airport of Thessaloniki to the city center

There is a bus just outside the airport (Bus line 78 “K.T.E.L - AERODROMIO”)  that can get you to the KTEL Macedonia bus station in order to travel to Volos.

Thessaloniki airport (AERODROMIO station) to KTEL Bus Station

Bus line 78 “K.T.E.L - AERODROMIO”

BUS Travel

KTEL Macedonia bus station

KTEL Bus routes from Thessaloniki to Volos (KTEL Macedonia in Thessaloniki – destination Volos)

KTEL Bus routes from Volos to Thessaloniki (KTEL Magnesia in Volos – destination Thessaloniki)

TRAIN Travel

From airport to the main railway station of Thessaloniki (N.S. Station-Neos Sidirodromikos Stathmos Station-New Railway Station)

Main railway station of Thessaloniki. Tickets and other information

N.S. Station - Neos Sidirodromikos Stathmos Station - New Railway Station